• Hiding in the Baggage

  • Do you hide in the baggage?  Something hit me yesterday that I found interesting.  I was reading in the Old Testament about Saul.  He had been chosen by God to be the first king that the nation of Israel ever had.  It is found in the book of 1st Samuel, chapters 9 & 10.

    Saul was a tall good looking guy.  It says that God changed and transformed his heart.  He began prophesying with the other prophets and everyone was amazed at his transformation.  But when it came time to anoint him as the king, he was nowhere to be found.  They looked for him and found him hiding among the baggage.

    I have read this story many times before but never saw it the way I saw it this time.  When the prophet Samuel had first approached Saul and told him what God was about to do, Saul began to make excuses.  I am just a lowly person from the tribe of Benjamin.  I come from a worthless family.  Why would something like this happen to me?

    It was after he said these things that God changed his heart.  But when the time to rise up was at hand, he was hiding in the baggage.

    How many times have you or I made excuses to not rise up and do what we knew we were supposed to do?  Even though we knew our hearts had been changed, we chose instead to hide in our baggage.  I’m too old.  I’m too young.  I can’t afford it.  I don’t have the time.  I’m afraid.  What will people think of me?  My skin is the wrong color.  I’m the wrong gender.  etc. etc. etc…  Can you be found hiding in the baggage?

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    If you want to live beyond mediocre, you have to put your baggage behind you.  If there is a desire inside of you to do something great, you are the only one preventing you from doing it.  Remember in this story, God had already transformed Saul’s heart, but he was fearful and went and hid.  I don’t know what he was thinking, but it may have been the same things he first told Samuel.  I am a nobody.  I come from a family of nobodies.  I am not worthy.  I’m afraid.

    Do you ever think like that?  If so, it is time to change.

    It is far past time to rise up.  If God has changed your heart, then He has called you for such a time as this.  Rise up and leave your baggage behind you.  Go and become who you were called to be.

    Photo provided by Wikimedia.