• Lil’ Dragons (4-7 years)

  • Learn Discipline

    Imagine 4 year old children standing still. No way, you say? How about your 5 year old listening? What about your 6 year old being a leader? At Lil’ Dragon’s class, your 4-6 year old child will learn focus, self discipline and respect. It all takes place in a safe, high energy, high fun and high kickin’ class. Can your 4 year old ever learn to stand still? Will your 5 year old follow directions? Can your 6 year old learn respect? You bet they can!

  • What Karate Is and Isn't

    lil dragon kick

    Many parents wonder if karate will teach their children how to "fight" and turn them into "Raging Ninjas". In reality, that is simply not the case. Karate, when taught in the proper way, is all about self control. It will teach them not to fight and have the self control to stop fighting. Not only that, it will give the confidence and wisdom to know when to use their skills in a dangerous situation. The all important skills of confidence, self control, focus, respect and honor that they learn in karate will help them the rest of their lives.

  • Lil' Dragons Class at Shorinkan Family Karate

  • Don't just take our word for it

    Here is what some parents and grandparents are saying:

    "Hailey has become a very self confident and more respectful young lady. Karate has been a true blessing for all of Hailey’s family. Thank you all." ~ Great-Grandma Shirley

    "Lil’ Dragons has been incredibly beneficial to my daughter as an outlet to learn a new skill as well as help her to be the best person she can be! Her confidence has flourished" Parents-Brandon & Natasha


    "Prior to starting at Shorinkan Family Karate’s Lil’ Dragons my daughter was shy and now she is more confident, seems like she’s starting to be aleader instead of a follower, and more involved with groups. She is becoming a better helper around the house. It is a very positive class." ~ Rodney

    "As parents, we're grateful to be able to have her in Lil' Dragons. They are so wonderful with all the kids and our daughter just adores them all! She has learned so much from participating in Lil' Dragons that exceeds far beyond karate." ~ Natasha

  • Set them up for sucess

    Children who learn the necessary skills to focus at a young age learn faster in school, get better grades and get along with others. Karate is awesome for people of all ages and kids will reap the long lasting benefits of martial arts that will aid them throughout their entire life.

  • Get Started Today!

    To help you build confidence in your child and introduce them to the benefits of karate we are offering a three month start up package. Your child will get three months of karate, a uniform, student handbook and two belt tests all for only $178.

    Class Schedule Monday through Thursday 4:30 pm – 5:00 pm

    There is no doubt that Lil’ Dragons will give tremendous benefits to your children! Besides all that – It is a lot of fun!!!

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