• Dojo Rules

  • Rules & etiquette that must be followed when training

    • Bow when entering and leaving the dojo
    • Wait just inside entry door for Sensei or one of the senior instructors to wave you in
    • Remove shoes before entering the training floor 
    • Bow when entering and leaving the training floor
    • Address all black belt instructors as sensei (teacher), or sempai (senior student) if brown belt. 
    • Permission must be obtained before leaving the class
    • Any student arriving late must bow in and wait at the edge of the training floor for permission to join in the class
    • Finger & toenails must be kept short & clean
    • Gi's (uniform) must be kept clean and in good condition, and have a Shorinkan patch in good condition
    • Jewelry must not be worn during training
    • Long hair must be kept up in pony-tail, or braided
    • Members must not swear, spit, chew gum or undertake any action likely to offend the etiquette of the dojo
    • Always try your best. Spirit is more important than strength or technique
    • Students must use control when undertaking partner work (Yakasuko Kumite, Sparring)
    • Cell phones must be turned off or muted when training


    "Karate begins with courtesy and ends with courtesy."

    The Essence of Okinawan Karate-Do by Shoshin Nagamine from 'The Ethics of the Dojo'