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    Do you Wish your Kids had More Confidence?




    If you answered yes, then set your kids up to succeed
    by giving them the confidence they need!

    Dr. Sears at the Wellness Institute wrote an article entitled
    “12 Ways to Help Your Child Build Self-Confidence.”
    In it he states that “Self-esteem is your child’s passport to
    lifetime mental health and social happiness.  It’s the foundation
    of a child’s well-being and the key to success as an adult.”


    What can you do to “Help Build” your child’s confidence?

    Imagine, just for a moment…

    • your child standing tall
    • not caving to peer pressure
    • looking at the bully straight in the eyes
    • and, for the first time ever, being sure of himself.

    How good would he feel about himself at that moment?

    So many parents don’t know what to do and are wondering
    how to change the direction their child is going.

    What if there was a way? Would you do it?
    What if there was a proven way to boost
    your child’s confidence and self esteem?
    What if it was actually possible?

    Bully 1 - 450

    One of the biggest desires we have as parents is to instill real confidence
    in our kids because we know it will affect every area of their lives, don’t you agree?
    Every decision, every relationship, future jobs and businesses as they
    reach adulthood would depend on them being confident in who they are.

    Here’s what parents and students are saying and the results they are experiencing.
    Being a student at Shorinkan Family Karate will instill confidence and other
    positive character traits in your child, so he or she can:


    Be in front of other people
    “…but my daughter has gotten something even more important, self confidence. Her first belt test was in front of 20 people; she refused to do it and cried. Last month not only did she get her 3rd belt but she did it in front of 200 people. She now orders at restaurants and you can just see the self confidence flowing from her. Shorinkan Family Karate isn’t just people teaching karate, they’re teaching life lessons and everyone there from teacher to student treats you just like their name – Family.” ~ Mike – Dad of Student
    “I was afraid to go in front of a crowd now after studying karate I’ve had more confidence in front of a crowd. ” ~ Gabe – 11 Year Old Student


    Make new friends
    “Karate is a lot of fun, a total confidence booster and lots of great kids to make friends with. I feel stronger than I did before I started.” ~ Katie – 12 Year Old Student
    No longer be afraid of bullies
    “I was weak and scared of bullies! Doing karate helped me gain strength, support and to not be scared of bullies!” ~ Student
    Be a Leader, Not a Follower
    “Prior to starting at Shorinkan Family Karate’s Lil’ Dragons my daughter was shy and now she is more confident. It seems like she’s starting to be a leader instead of a follower, and more involved with groups. She is becoming a better helper around the house. It is a very positive class.” ~Rodney, Dad of Student




    Be Confident in who they are
    “My son has right side Cerebral Palsy and stutters. He has tried different sports growing up. He was never really accepted in baseball, wrestling or soccer. As a matter of fact a parent at a baseball game even asked “Aren’t there “special” teams for kids like this?” just as my son was going up to bat. We were very nervous about signing him up for karate. I prayed very hard for a place that would accept him. Well, our prayers were answered in the biggest way. My son was not only accepted but has become part of a family. He feels like just one of the students. He is treated like everyone else and is expected to do the same as everyone else to the best of his ability. We are so thankful for the encouragement from the Pearsons as well as each individual student at the dojo. What an awesome family my son has become a part of. He is so confident and he doesn’t feel different at all.”
    ~Georga, Mother of Student




    Karate 3 Month Start-Up Program



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    These programs are not a magic wand. Building confidence, self esteem,
    becoming a leader and not a follower will not happen overnight, but it will happen.
    It takes dedication and commitment to obtain your goals.
    Is it worth it?
    You bet it is!

    It can make the difference between success and failure in your child.

    Where will your child be 1 year from now if you don’t take advantage of this incredible offer?

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    *If applying a gift card towards this special offer,
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    **Only one gift card per person may be used.