• Growing in Excellence

  • I have been thinking lately about being faithful in the little things. Many people are familiar with that phrase and it is also a sound business principle taken from the Bible. Jesus said if you are faithful in the little things, you will be made a ruler over great things. Matthew 25 and Luke 19.

    So how does that fit into our discussions about excellence? It fits in perfectly. Being faithful in the little things means to do all the boring, menial, repetitive tasks with a good attitude. Doing those things that you may hate with a willing heart. If you are stuck in a job you hate, do that job to the best of your ability. It means to do all that you do with a spirit of excellence, just like I shared last time.

    The time will come when others will see your faithfulness. God always sees it, however sometimes it may take a little time for others to notice your efforts. Don’t be discouraged. Just like the picture above, one little seed that is regularly cared for can grow into a mighty tree. Our lives are the same way. Be persistent. Never give up. Keep going forward. Be faithful. Do all things with excellence. Keep your heart right.

    I came across a website last night that listed 22 overnight success stories. (not). Success did not come overnight for any of them. It came through blood, sweat and tears. It took a long time. but they never gave up. They believed in what they were doing. It is a very good, challenging and encouraging read. Check it out here.

    So ask yourself these questions – Do I want to grow in excellence? Am I willing to be faithful in the little things?

    I have made my decision, how about you?