• Goals

  • So how did you do on your goals this past year?

    I achieved some but not all of mine. One of my main goals this past year was to grow our karate school. We more than doubled the size of our school in 8 months. How was this accomplished you may ask? Simple – we worked on it.

    “Nothing of great value in this life comes easily.” Norman Vincent Peale.

    You cannot expect your business to grow, have better relationships, lose weight or achieve any other goal unless you work on it. These things will not just magically happen for you. That is not how life works.

    I believe with all my heart that our karate school has succeeded in a down economy for 3 reasons.
    #1 – Because we serve a Great God and He is blessing what He has called us to do.
    #2 – We have implemented what we have learned from a dear friend and mentor Ted Lowrie and a successful entrepreneur Dani Johnson. You can check out her website at www.danijohnson.com
    (I dare you).
    #3 – We have worked our butts off to make it happen.

    Today I am laying out my business goals and personal goals for 2012. I have set my sights high!
    I challenge you to do the same.
    #1 – Set some goals.
    #2 – Write down practical steps on how to achieve those goals.
    #3 – Implement those practical steps. In other words – work your butt off! Do something. Stop blaming the economy and everyone else for your lack of success. Your destiny is in your hands.

    I am really excited about today – I am even more excited about tomorrow! How about you?

    Happy New Year – Have an Awesome 2012!