• Drama Free Zone

  • Hey!  Do you like drama?  I certainly don’t, but some people do.  Now I’m not talking about a good book or movie.

    Let me ask you a couple of questions so you can get an understanding of where I am going.

    Do you or the people around you: Create mountains out of molehills?  Have a 100% reaction to a 10% offense?  Go completely bonkers over every little thing that goes wrong?  Or how about this one, (my personal favorite – or least personal favorite depending on how sarcastic I am feeling) – Do you or the people around you feel that it is your personal mission to spread your concern (gossip) about others simply because you are jealous or insecure or don’t like what they are doing and you have to include everyone else in on your drama party?

    Insecure people are very opinionated.  Have you ever noticed that?

    At any rate….what you choose to do with other people’s drama can greatly affect your life.  For example: If someone comes to you with a little glitch (I mean a life ending, apocalyptic disaster), and you decide to get all stressed out and caught up in it with them – then you have just entered a Drama Zone.  I personally know people who do this and the relationships have turned co-dependent.  Another topic for another day.

    Other people’s problems do not have to become your problems.  Other people’s stress does not have to become your stress.  Other people’s drama does not have to become your drama.  It is your choice.  Don’t be sucked into the vortex of drama with them.   The stress can lead to health issues such as high blood pressure.  The worry and fear can distract you so much that you basically become paralyzed and can’t get anything done.  Do you really need that?

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    I’m not saying that you can’t be a listening ear to a friend who is really in need.  You just have to be careful to not allow their problems, emotions and whatever else is involved to pull you into that world of drama – or to help them make that drama bigger than it is.

    Something that we have done as a family and at our karate school for a long time is that we have created a Drama Free Zone.  The general rule at the dojo is that when you come through the door to train, you leave your drama outside because it will be waiting for you when you leave.  We don’t want or need it inside the dojo, and neither does anyone else.  So enjoy your personal time of training and there is a good chance it will help you to think a little clearer to deal with your drama when you are done.

    At home, we handle situations that arise in as calm and peaceful manner as possible.  We show honor to one another and work through whatever is happening.

    Life is full of drama, but it doesn’t have to take you with it.  So starting today, set some boundaries and create a “Drama Free Zone” in your life and workplace.