• Dojo Demonstration Exhibition Talent Night Extravaganza Celebration

  • Ok, I know that was long title, but the evening was worth it.

    “WOW! I didn’t know there were such cool people in this school!” commented one student.

    Two weeks ago on a Thursday night we had a Talent Night in the dojo (karate school) followed by a very fun class.  It was so much fun – sipping hot chocolate while the Cellos were humming to the Pink Panther theme, being serenaded by really cool guitar and piano pieces, hearing kazoos buzzing with the Lil’ Dragons students and learning very creative art lesson on how to draw a horse on our dojo mirrors.

    It was an amazing display of talent.  We were all blown away by the participants.  Sometimes all it takes is a little encouragement to move forward in your skill.  Someone to say “good job”, “Wow! That was amazing”.  All of us have hidden talents or underdeveloped skills that, with a little bit of work, would blossom into a wonderful gift to society.

    One girl sang an amazing song from her heart.  Her mom said she normally doesn’t sing in public – well, she should!!!  Sometimes the “stage” looks like a frightening place to stand.  Everyone is glaring at you.  What if you mess up?  People need a safe place to share their lives and for others to take notice of their talent.

    Another girl rides horses and with guns!  Whoa, horsey!  We saw “fight scenes” that looked totally real.  One girl did a kata completely reversed– 62 moves – do you know how hard that is?  We all clapped at the tap dancing.  We had a grandma doing bunkai (a kata with the attack) with her grandkids (totally cute!).  Another brother played the flute while being “attacked” by his sister.  He used the flute to defend himself!

    It was really fun!  Thank you to everyone that participated and shared their lives with us.  We are so proud of each of you.  Our dojo is always a safe place for you to be exactly who you are.

    GREAT Job to everyone!