• Do You Believe in What You are Doing?

  • Do you believe in what you are doing?

    This month we have been talking about doing things with excellence. No matter how small or menial a task is, we should do it with all our heart. Do nothing mediocre or half-heartedly. Put your best foot forward.

    With that in mind, is there anything that has been holding you back? Has any circumstance occurred that has distracted you from moving forward in excellence? Has something happened or did you learn about something that has bothered you enough to take your eyes off your goal?

    I read a quote once that said “The road to success is lined with many tempting parking spaces.”

    If you believe in what you are doing, then don’t stop. Don’t let yourself be pulled off track. Think about the most successful people you know. Do you think they were tempted to give up? Do you think that they faced things that tried to distract them? Absolutely.

    D.L. Moody, a famous evangelist in the 1800s was once confronted by someone who told him that he didn’t like the way that Moody did evangelism. Moody asked him what his method of evangelism was. The man told him that he really did not have one, but that he just didn’t like the way Moody did it. Moody replied, “Well, I’ll just keep on doing what I am doing then.”

    That’s the kind of attitude you need to have. I was told a few years ago that once you become successful or when you are on your way there, then you will become a target. If people criticize or attack you or what you are doing, don’t give them the time of day. If you believe in what you are doing, you don’t need to worry about them. They are operating out of jealousy, fear, pride or a host of other things and you don’t have the time to be distracted by them. Someday they will reap what they are sowing.

    The bible tells us that “the righteous are bold as a lion.” Proverbs 28:1

    If you believe that what you are doing is the right thing, then be bold.

    Do you believe in what you are doing? Do you really?

    If so, then go for it – and do it with excellence.